Fundraising for non-profits, schools and libraries

There are NO fees or selling involved and it happens to be GREAT for the environment!

It's Easy! Here's how it works:

  1. Contact Us
  2. We will make arrangements to setup a used book collection container in your parking lot and provide you with fliers, posters and an outdoor banner.

  3. Find a space
  4. Select a highly visible, well trafficked, accessible area for people to donate their books, CD's and DVD's. The more visible the location the more books you can collect, the more books you collect the more funds we can raise for you!

  5. Reach your community
  6. Get excited about the book drive! Engage your community, friends and family to donate books that are going unused around their house or garage. We’ll work together with you and your community to achieve your fundraising goals.

  7. ABD arranges pickup
  8. Once your container is full, call us and we’ll come empty it. We’ll send our truck and our friendly driver will empty your container making it ready for more book donations.

  9. Get Paid
  10. Congratulations, your book drive is a success! We will mail you a quarterly report, accompanied by a check made out to your organization. We pay 25% of whatever the items have sold for. The only thing limiting the amount you can earn is how many books, CD's and DVD's you collect, so go get 'em!

About The Drive

Designated organizations receive a percentage of proceeds and incur no fees or costs by hosting a collection bin. Our collection bins are safe, secure and can be customized to meet your needs. The Book Drive can run as long as the organization is willing to accept books, however we recommend at least 30 days. All collection containers and marketing/promotional material needed for a successful book drive are provided by American Book Drive. We help advertize your event, handle all logistics and provide FREE home pick-up services for patrons donating over 200 books.

We often hear that our program is “too good to be true.” There are no service agreements (unless requested), sign-up fees, monthly fees or one-time fees. We understand the budget constraints many organizations are facing and believe our program to be a great resource to raise additional funds. Other than you choosing a parking space and taking the time to reach out to your community, there is NO other work involved.

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