Book Donation FAQ's

What areas do you offer free pickup service to?

We offer a home pick-up service in Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties. We can also arrange special services for larger donations anywhere in California -- please call 877.870.7701 or email [email protected] for more information.

Who benefits from my donation?

Currently you may choose between: The Los Angeles Affiliate Of Susan G. Komen For The Cure, Santa Monica Malibu Education Foundation and the San Juan Capistrano Educational Foundation.

How often are the collection bins emptied?

Our trucks are on the road five days a week picking up books from homes and servicing collection bins. We pride ourselves on keeping the area around the containers clean and tidy. Our drivers will take away everything found around the bins and inspect the containers when they are emptied. Any containers that are damaged or show signs of vandalism are promptly repaired or replaced to maintain our professional image. To report a problem with a container, please call (877) 870-7701

Why should we allow a collection bin on our property?

It is very obvious that many people are concerned with our environment and want to donate their books rather than throw them away. There are very few locations in California that accept used books. You can give people in your community the opportunity to recycle where they shop. We take care of the placement, maintenance and management. Our bins are attractive, well kept, and always neat and clean. They occupy less than one parking space. They are fully insured and serviced as often as necessary to maintain a neat and orderly appearance. Our drivers are well trained, efficient and professional. We are never more than a phone call away.

Where can I donate my books?

We are trying to make the donation process as convenient as possible by adding drop-off locations every day. Currently we have over 70 drop-off locations. Click here to view a digital map of drop-off locations around Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties.

What size are the outdoor collection bins?

The bins are similar in size to the shoes & clothing bins seen around town. They are 36" x 36" x 70" and weigh about 200 lbs. empty.

Where is the best location to place a collection bin?

Collection bins do very well in high traffic, very visible locations with room for people to drive up and drop their books off.

Who should we reach out to?

The more people aware of the event, the greater the outcome. Start by informing your friends, family, co-workers and patrons of your organization.

What type of books and media does ABD accept?

For the most part we accept all books, CDs and DVDs with the exception of encyclopedia sets, magazines, yellow pages, outdated textbooks, Law Journals, VHS and severely damaged books. Below is a list of subjects that will raise the most money for the organization.

  • All Nonfiction & Current Popular Fiction
  • Military
  • Antiques & Collectibles
  • Art, Architecture & Photography
  • Engineering
  • Native American History
  • Regional History
  • Theology
  • Music Books
  • New Age & Alternative Beliefs
  • Philosophy
  • Reference
  • Sciences- From Archeology to Zoology
  • Social Sciences
  • Books on Guns, Knifes and other Weapons
  • Books on Planes, Trains & Automobiles
  • Textbooks (copyright 2011 or newer)
What do we do with the books?

The books are sold through the gauntlet of online marketplaces. We also re-donate children's books that have been sorted and are in excellent condition to local hospitals, schools and other institutions that are in need of good reading material. Books that are damaged and in poor condition, will be recycled.

Closest Drop Off Location