About American Book Drive

American Book Drive is based in Southern California and specializes in redistributing used books: we want to keep books out of landfills. Even better, we want those books to help our communities. Our objective is to raise funds for local organizations while finding new homes for used books, CDs & DVDs. Our streamlined process of collecting, sorting and reselling allows us to offer to our partners the highest monetary potential for books and digital media. We work with top rated organizations, assuring potential donors they are helping local charities.

Our green business model salvages tens of thousands of books annually that would otherwise go unused or dumped into landfills. Instead, books are resold through the gauntlet of online marketplaces. Partners receive a portion of sales on all media donated through scheduled home pick-ups or via our collection bins.

Children's books that have been sorted and are in excellent condition, are re-donated to local schools, hospitals and children's centers. If your organization is looking for gently used children's books, please contact [email protected].

Collected books that are damaged or in poor condition, will be recycled properly. We of course don’t have an exact figure, however, based on the weight of books ABD recycles, we estimate to be saving quite a few trees every year.

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